"I've been making Digital Video since 1992..."

"And web video since there was video on the web."

Transcoding and Compression

I can provide proven advice on workflow, compression, transcoding, and distribution for your organization.

In the past eight years I have counseled more than 300 NCAA teams on video acquisition and format conversions for the transfer of scouting video over the web. I have also guided the selection of enterprise hardware and software for transcoding more than 400 terabytes of sports video.

Work Product: Workflow Document, Shopping List, Training Sessions.


I can advise on the most effective ways to to organize your site, including video integration if called for. Each site proposal includes a detailed wireframe mock-up to prevent miscommunication with the development team and a scope of work document to precisely describe the work being contracted for.

As Director of Multimedia Production at one of the leading medical webcasters I designed webcast launch sites for MeritCare, the Cleveland Clinic, Beth Israel Deaconess Duke University Medical Center to mention a few, as well as many video archive sites, including a pay-per-view site for the American College of Surgeons

Work Product: Scope of Work Document & Wireframe.

Video & Multimedia

I can recomend the most effective media presentations based on the project, pre-existing materials, and budget constraints.

As the Senior Digital Video Editor at Grolier (now Scholastic) I edited all the video content for the Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, The Guinness Multimedia Book of Records, and the Multimedia Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. I also designed and produced the Grolier Multimedia Timeline of World History.

Work Product: Asset Document, Examples, Training Sessions.